General Convention 2015 in Salt Lake City

Gc Logo15 Color

The General Convention  was held in Salt Lake City June 23 – July 3.  Our Deputies for the House of Deputies as they were elected are, in order:

Clerical : House of Deputies

The Reverend Canon C. Denise Yarbrough

The Reverend J. Brad Benson

The Reverend Michael Hopkins

The Reverend Lance Robbins

Lay: House of Deputies

Susan Woodhouse

Canon Karen Noble Hanson

Neil D. Houghton

Susan B. Hartney

Our Provisional Deputies (aka Alternate Deputies), in order, are:


The Reverend Christopher Streeter

The Reverend Paul Frolich

The Reverend Kit Tobin

The Reverend Michael Hartney


Dr. Carl Johengen

Marlene Allen

Sarah Peters

Joan Mistretta

Bishops: House of Bishops

Bishop Prince Singh – VII Bishop of Rochester

Bishop Jack McKelvey – VI Bishop of Rochester (retired)

Bishop William Burrill – V Bishop of Rochester (retired)


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