Day 2 of General Convention

As it is after midnight, I anticipate that my Friday reflections will be (mercifully) shortly than previous entries. My Friday began with a 7:30 am Governance and Structure committee meeting reviewing the previous night’s hearing. Members were pleased with the turnout and noted the diversity of opinions voiced. Some voiced interest in what the afternoon’s joint discussion on structure would yield.

Worship today was led musically by the Theodicy Jazz Collective. What a treat! For those interested, worship bulletins from all 9 days of General Convention are available for viewing here.

Next we entered into a joint session of the Houses of Deputies and Bishops to formally nominate candidates for Presiding Bishop and discuss the structure of our Church. Structure conversations were conducted in small groups around the areas of General Convention, Executive Council, Provinces and Dioceses. I volunteered to serve of clerk of our group and sent a summary of our discussion to our leadership. We are told they will collate and redistribute within the next few days.

After a quick lunch, it was back to legislative committee, where the group discussed the solutions harvested from the joint session.  A second legislative session followed at 4:30, where we debated several motions including a proposed “Donor Bill of Rights” for those who contribute financial resources to the mission and ministry of the Church.

After a long day of legislation, I was grateful to spend dinner with Paul at a Mexican restaurant I had heard of through several online sources.

Red Iguana

Those who know me know that I like good food. This was hands down the best Mexican food I have ever tasted. There were several fantastic Mexican restaurants in Arlington and DC that I enjoyed during my seminary days, but none can hold a candle to the Red Iguana. Please, if you are ever in Salt Lake City, do yourself and your taste buds a favor and eat here!

After one of the most fantastic meals of my life, we headed back to our hotel to enjoy time with our Rochester Deputation. Bishop Singh organized a festive evening to celebrate today’s ruling of the Supreme Court. It was a humbling privilege to sit with many who have prayed for this day, uncertain that they would see it in their lifetime. My children will now grow up in a world where the dignity and freedom of every human being is the established law of the land. What a day.

Tomorrow the House of Deputies will wait in anticipation to consent to the Election of the Presiding Bishop. Keep the House of Bishops in your prayers as they discern who will lead our Church for the next 9 years.

Blessings and peace,

Chris Streeter, Clergy Deputy


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