General Convention Musings of Lance Robbins

Hello Friends in Christ:
June 23
Arrived in beautiful Salt Lake late this morning, having left Rochester at 5:30 and a lay over in Chicago. Sunny here and 93. Made it to the Plaza hotel and then off to the Convention Center, Salt Palace, a good block away. Formally did registration, received our I pads, and began to become acquainted with the center. Huge!! A bit of a walking tour of Salt Lake and messages and e mails connecting with our Rochester group. Tomorrow is orientation for delegates all day and the business sessions start on Thursday. Everyone here except Marlene who arrives tomorrow. Fortunately I ran into a delegate from East Carolina who knows where to find good coffee. Blessings

June 24th Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist.

Summary of day’s events: The Presiding Bishop spoke to both houses this morning. She addressed some if the issues facing this convention. Change in Canons, the liturgy of the Marriage rites, re-structuring, and justice.
She suggested that we let go of non-essentials. Be fearless not foolish. We must discern in community. We have a Head of our church and it is not any of us. Our world yearns for human dignity. House of Bishops left then to meet.

She was followed by Gay Clark Jennings who is the President of the House of Deputies. She reminded everyone that we have 398 new members of the HOD and it’s the 230 anniversary of this gathering. Very good address. She mentioned that we are standing on Holy Ground between the old and the new. All voices need to be heard and all people welcomed. What is the vision of our Beloved Community? Issues to be raised, racism, gun violence, school to prison pipeline, income inequality and justice for every single person. She suggested that we be the man that Jesus heals.

Next Michael Barlowe, the executive office of General Convention showed us in depth how to use our I pad and how to vote electronically. Very LONG discussion on the Rules of Order.

Break for lunch at the Plaza arranged by Kristy (on Diocesan staff).

All afternoon we heard from the 4 candidates for Presiding Bishop. The House of Bishops joined us for this joint session. Each candidate gave an opening address, then each responded to a series of questions. Interesting but lasted WAY TOO LONG. The entire afternoon. Each gave a closing address. They answered questions concerning: leadership, theology and faith, reconciliation, the LGBT community, spiritual life and self-care, divestment, and structure.

Candidates are: Tom Breidenthal S. Ohio
Michael Curry North Carolina
Ian Douglas Connecticut
Dabney Smith SW Florida

This evening we attend hearings of resolutions.

Temp 97 and sunny. But it does not seem that hot.

June 25th 1st Official Day of Convention

I have to begin by commenting on the weather here. Beautiful. Today another great day, bright blue sky and temp is again 97. Mountains surround Salt Lake and provide a quite a backdrop.

We began early in legislative session as the House of Deputies. After opening prayer we were reminded that an open Bible is present for all our sessions, this convention it is opened to Phil 4. In the HOD we have 421 clerical members and 421 lay members. The House of Bishops are around 200 members, so quite a large gathering. We spent a good amount of time with appointments and the dispatch of business.

Our Opening Eucharist followed. Very well done. The Presiding Bishop celebrated and preached. Huge room but it ran very effectively. Liturgy on our I pad, a bit different, but am getting used to it.

A break followed. Karyn, Marlene and I walked to St Mark’s Cathedral for a tour. The illustrated Bible (copy) from St. John’s in Minnesota was on display. Impressive.

The afternoon was dealing with legislative matters again. However, Chaplain Mackenzie who is from South Africa opened with prayer in the form of drums and a song “Sawubona Yebo” which mean seeing together. International guests were introduced and included members from: the Orthodox Church, Rabbi’s, the PB of the ELCA, members of the World Council of Churches, Church of Sweden, Moravian Church, Roman Catholic Bishops, Methodists, and a member of the American Jewish Committee. Also, the Primate of Pakistan, Ireland, and Canada are here. We also have members of the church in W. Africa, Jerusalem, Brazil, Mexico, Liberia, Korea, Australia, and Japan are here. Our guests included the Bishop of Cuba and Panama.

Next we revised the Rules of the House. There are 513 sentences and paragraphs to the Rules. (Not a typo, I’m serious). Passed many amendments. Of note, an amendment passed where we join in the pain, grief, and sorrow with families and friends of those who died in Charleston, SC. We stand in solidarity with the people of Emanual Church.

Sorry this is a little long, but hope it is of some interest. Getting late, God Bless

June 26th

Dear Friends:

A very long but good day here in Salt Lake. The day began with our Eucharist, it’s amazing with so many in a huge space. The postlude was Widor along with a jazz band. Karyn was absolutely blown away. It was spell binding.

As we gathered for our opening session, the Primate of Brazil addressed the House. It was a message of appreciation for the help given to that country years ago.

Our legislative session involved a small group discussion around the structure of the church. We addressed several questions. How do structure, programs, and activities enable us to more fully embrace God’s mission. Our group was joined by part of the delegation from Louisiana.

Several resolutions were discussed and voted on in the afternoon. It would take way too long to go in depth on each one, I will address the ones that I think would be of great interest to all.

Many more to come in the following days.

One of the joys of being here is to be able to connect with people that I have not seen in many years. So good to see Bishop Steve Miller of Milwaukee. We were very good friends when I was in Missouri. Also, connected with Lynn Carter Edmunds. Had not seen her in so many years. As some of you remember she was my first assistant after having arrived at Good Shepherd.

Also, connected with Bishop Steve Lane from Maine and Bishop Mark Lattime of Alaska. Both were friends here in the Diocese.

Once again temp is 99 and blue sky.

Must rest now, way more tomorrow.

Keeping you all in my prayers. Many Blessings

June 27th A long yet amazing joyful day here in Salt Lake.

We began the day as usual with worship. This morning the music was provided by the RedSpiritSingers They are members of the Ute Native Americans. The prelude was Native American drums, unbelievable. They were featured in the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics here at Salt Lake in 2002. The postlude was Amazing Grace to drums and native signing. Very very moving and spiritual. A real gift being at General Convention is the daily worship.

Then off to the third Legislative Day. As usual now, we are sitting at our table with Louisiana in front, Delaware to our right and Maine on our left.

Since this is the 230 year anniversary of the House of Deputies we began with a party. Trivia question in 1785 when the House of Deputies began there were no Bishops, why??? Answer: The American church did not have one yet!!

For those who want more detail on resolutions, my summary as follows:

A161 through A168 all resolutions of thanks, gratitude, appreciation, commendation for those who have faithfully served in the House of Deputies.

C028 Disclosure of Criminal Records. Resolution referred back to Committee.

B009 Online Digital Evangelism Initiative. Postponed.

A151 Budget for the College of Bishops. Failed.

AND THEN results came back from the House of Bishops on the election of a New PB. Thanks be to God and in an answer to my prayers, they chose the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry of North Carolina. Huge roar from the House when announced. It was a landslide.

Ballot results:

Bishop Breidenthal of S. Ohio. 19 votes
Bishop Curry of N Carolina 121 votes
Bishop Douglas of Conn. 13 votes
Bishop Smith of SW Florida 27 votes.

We as the House of Deputies confirmed his election. He and his family and the delegation from N Carolina came to the House and he spoke briefly. He will be an amazing face and voice of our church. His commitment to evangelism and sharing the love of Christ is beyond inspiring. He will be the first African American PB. I can’t be more pleased. Note: he will be the speaker at our Diocesan Convention this November at Hobert William Smith colleges in Geneva. Everyone should hear him, the best speaker in our church by far. What a joy.

Quick lunch and back at it.

C001 Diocesan Commitments. Adopted

A035 1215 Ann of United Thank Offering Adopted

D014 Question Ordinands about Addiction Adopted

C019 Response of Systemic Racial Injustice Adopted

A100 Assess Diocesan Viability and Vitality. Failed. (They are already doing so)

When I get back I will have the full text and background on these resolutions. Too much to type in tonight.

All in all, long but great day. Current temp 100 and blue sky. Giving you all the weather is getting monotonous.

Tomorrow, I will be marching along with many delegates and Bishop against gun violence.

You all continue in my thoughts and prayers. Many Blessings

Dear Friends in Christ:

Sunday June 28th. We began this day very early with a walk against gun violence. Lead by 60 or so Bishops and hundreds joined them in a walk through downtown Salt Lake. We began with prayer and song, stopping half way to hear a presentation by a former police officer from Washington, DC. When we arrived back at the Convention Center we heard from a young mother who was a victim of gun violence. She had been shopping in a mall here in Salt Lake when she and her daughter were shot. Her daughter died at the scene. It really was a walk of awareness and solidarity with victims of gun violence.

Back to the Convention Center for the liturgy. The space holds 5,000 and I believe it was full. Once again great music, including brass and a choir. The Bishops robed and processed, the PB celebrated and gave a compelling homily. Very well done. I believe it was the largest gathering I have ever attended for worship. When you have that many voices together it is impressive and beautiful.

Legislative session began after lunch. Our chaplain reminded us of quantum physics and that we are connected no matter how distant on a sub atomic level. Of course, I thought of Charlie.

We stood in silent prayer out of solidarity for the many Christian who have died in the middle east for their faith.

Consent Calendar was next. A series of resolutions that do not require much debate or discussion. I do have a list that I will share when I get home for those interested.

We acknowledged the presence of youth reps from each Province.

We did debate and vote on several resolutions.

A011 Recommit to Criminal Justice and Reform. Adopted

A150 Title IV Training Materials. Adopted

A019 Affirm Anglican Secretariat. Adopted

Then voted for representatives to the Church Pension Fund. Needed to elect 13 out of 25. Took what seemed like forever. Began the process to elect member of the Executive Council but ran out of time.

I’m told it’s rainy at home and cool. Here, right now. 6:30 our time, it’s 102 and blue sky. Although I think I saw a small cloud earlier in the day.

Am with you in heart and prayers.

Monday June 29th

Am writing at 6:30 Mountain time. Long day in Legislative sessions. It’s beautiful outside, 102 and bright Sunny skies. Unfortunately did not get to spend much time outside apart from some time at lunch and when we finished just now.

Day began as usual with the Eucharist. As is typical now, it was beautifully done with marvelous music. Today was a local choir, incredible. I will in time get details of the musicians that were here, so we can follow up and hopefully everyone can check them out on the web. An Armenian priest gave a very thoughtful and insightful homily on the 100th anniversary of the genocide of their people and those who escaped and came here found a warm welcome in Episcopal Churches. Unthinkable what happened to the Armenian people only one hundred years ago.

OK Ready? Let me try a summary on the legislative session on this Monday.

Elected members to the Executive Council, Treasurer, Trustees of General Seminary, and the Disciplinary Board for Bishops.

D003 Possibility of Combining Dioceses. Adopted

A018 Ecumenical Interreligious Relations Adopted

A023 Continue Committee on Anti-Racism Adopted

A046 Provide Lay Leadership Formation Resources Adopted

Took a quick break to elect Bryon Rushing as VP of the House of Deputies

Mark Duffy was introduced as the head of Archives of the Church

D004 Task Force to Study Episcopal Elections & Appointment of Bishop’s (Extremely long, long, debate) Adopted

A059 Revision of the Book of Occasional Services Adopted

A056 Authorize New Resource: A Great Cloud of Witnesses Sent back to House of Bishops

A086 Latino-Hispanic Con. & Development Sustainability Adopted

D005 Create a Capacity to Plant Churches Adopted

D009 Revitalization of Congregations Adopted

At this point we took a recess and then a time of prayer to tone down the rhetoric of the debates

C005 Decreasing Gun Violence (50th Anniversary of the murder of Seminarian Jonathan Daniels) Adopted

C048 Increase Minimum Wage. Hard to describe this debate WOW Adopted

D044 Removal of Confederate Flag Adopted

B008 Support Handgun Purchaser Licensing Adopted

A037 Task Force on the Study of Marriage Adopted

B009 Online Digital Evangelism (Marketing) Adopted

Will skip dinner, go to evening service and get some rest. No kidding they wanted us to get in shape for this.


Tuesday, June 30th

Greetings from Karyn! Today The House of Bishops and House of Deputies had a joint session on Mission. This was followed by a very long legislative session ending at 7:00 this evening. I offered to do the blog tonight after such an extended day…..but also because I want to share with you the music of this place.

WOW! We have had Eucharists every morning and an Integrity Eucharist last evening and the music has been so inspiring! Lance told you about the Jazz Eucharist….they are using a nice electronic organ that simulates a pipe organ pretty well. Hearing Widor’s Toccata on that organ with the Jazz Band was an amazing experience. The next morning we were treated to music of Native Americans. The hymns focused on creation and God in nature. The liturgy ended with 5 men beating drums while singing Amazing Grace in Navajo to the drumbeat.

Another morning we had a beautiful a cappella choir that sang music of the Anglican Cathedral tradition. Ubi Caritas was GORGEOUS!!! We follow the liturgies on IPads, so I don’t have a hard copy with the names of the other anthems….all so beautiful…

One morning a Brass Quintet offered the music along with choir. They, too, did a piece alternating organ with the quintet. The tuba had a mike in the bell and their music filled the room which can probably seat 3,000 people.
The hymns with brass were glorious. We ended with “O Praise Ye the Lord”.

Today, the room erupted into clapping as a Black Gospel Choir led the liturgy! It was WONDERFUL! We sang many spirituals and at the end of the liturgy many gathered around to hear the choir sing for about 15 minutes after the service. They sang “Precious Lord” and closed with everyone linking arms and singing the first verse of “Amazing Grace.”

The hymns and service music have taken on the theme of the day. The Psalms have been chanted in many ways and we have sung an Alleluia Verse after the Second Lesson, sometimes in English and sometimes in Spanish.

I must add that our hotel is right across the street from the Mormon Tabernacle. The choir is actually on tour back east and will be singing at Carnegie Hall, in Boston and for the Star Spangled Banner at Yankee Stadium…you may want to catch that! But I have enjoyed several of the organ recitals they put on every day. I heard Widor’s Toccata there. Exciting!

I am so inspired and look forward to bring these ideas home to Good Shepherd and plan and practice music for the coming year! I don’t know if you can find videos of the music we are hearing on the web, but I would encourage you to try.

Finally, Presiding Bishop Elect Michael Curry has written two books. I’m reading his “Songs My Grandma Sang” which we’ll add to the church library. The second book was sold-out the minute he was elected but they promise 100 more coming tomorrow morning, so hope to go pick up one for the library as well.

On that note, it’s late….busy, busy day……and more music tomorrow!!!
God bless,

Wednesday  July 1st

Very long day filled with legislative sessions all late morning, all afternoon until around 6.  A day surrounded with prayer, debate, song, and voting by orders.

Eucharist this morning was once again amazing with drums providing the prelude and postlude.  Took a brief video of them which I will show everyone at adult sessions this fall.  By the way I sent many pictures to Debbie this afternoon to be sent out.  Will identify them when we gather this fall.

Also, I must tell you I finally met up with the the delegation from Missouri.  My reception was heartfelt and so warm.  I’m not sure the prodigal son got a warmer and more loving reception.  So many people I had not seen in 24 years. Hugs were incredible. It really was such a blessing to me.

Began our legislative session by taking a collection for the black churches that have been burned in the last few days.  Rest of the morning was in a joint session with the House of Bishops and we debated resolution A004 Restructure Executive Council and A006 Restructure Standing Commissions.  Both passed each House.  I’ll fill you all in on the details again when I get back.  Our National Church structure is smaller but I believe we have moved into creativity, simplicity, and the nimbleness to move forward.

Afternoon session dealt with the initial review of the budget for the next three years.  More discussion will take place tomorrow but two items came up this afternoon.  Diocesan assessments will be lowered to 15%  and 2 million will be set aside toward racial justice and reconciliation.  Programs to be developed.

Basically the rest of the day dealt with A054 Liturgical Resources for Marriage.  Two Rites for Trial Use were discussed.  This resolution was passed by the House of Bishops and sent to us to debate.  It was adopted after much discussion, thought, and prayer.

Lastly for the day we took a great deal of time, prayer, thought, discussion, and love to consider Amending Canon 1.18.  The Marriage Canon.  Again this was passed by the House of Bishops and sent to the House of Deputies for discussion.  We voted by orders and it was preceded by lively and heartfelt debate.  At the end of the day, the resolution was adopted by the House.  For those who didn’t agree, no one is forced to comply with this new Canon. For many who have wanted this change for decades, it was life giving.  We are all the Body of Christ.

An emotionally exhausting time on the floor. Keep us in your prayers.

Immediately after the session we (Convention) were invited to the Mormon Tabernacle for a concert consisting of many groups.  Very well done, but Marlene, Karyn and especially yours truly were so tired we left early.

Oh, cooler today only Sunny skies and 97. 🙂


Thursday  July 2nd

Peace and Grace.  A summary of today’s sessions.  First, began the day as always. with the Convention Eucharist. This morning it was all in Spanish.  I could somewhat follow along, although the homily was in English.

What a day in the House.  Began at 11:15 and went till 1:15.   Then went from 2:15 to 7:15  Here is the summary of the morning legislation.

A197  Budget  Adopted

B005  Quality Public Education  (All our Children) Deputy Sims from Buffalo spoke eloquently on the issue.  Adopted

C027  Canon 1.9  Study Province structure Adopted

A104  Budget for 79th Convention

A103  Length of 79th General Convention  * Ask me about this when I get home.

Hour break

C031  Support of Diocesan Mergers  Adopted

A002  Re imagine Dioceses & Bishops   (Unicameral House)  Adopted

D037 Amending Names.  Interesting  * Ask me about this as well

D021  Re-evaluate Health Care Mandate  EXTREMELY LONG DEBATE

D008 Unicameral House issues.  Another one for me to discuss when I get home

A170 Develop and Continue Food Systems Adopted

C045 Environmentally Responsible Investing.  Strong heated debate,  Adopted

A042 80th Convention Sites. Possible sites include:  Anaheim, Baltimore, Louisville, Minneapolis, St. Louis

A030 Task Force on Climate Change.

A124 Amend Title IV  It was adopted, although I voted against it.

A169 Process of Revision of Book of Common Prayer.  Adopted

A067 Revise Common Lectionary  (Holy Week) Adopted

D023 Continue work of TREC  Failed

D017 Resolutions, Filing Dates  Failed

D054 Countering Violence Against Women  Adopted

D047 Retirement Benefits  Adopted

Ended 7:15.  Goodness, a long day.

Tomorrow last official session.  Will begin the day as Michael Curry preaches.  Can’t wait.

Will be good to get home on Sunday.   Miss you all, keeping you in my prayers.  Am really tired!!!!


PS  Almost forgot,  bright blue skies 99 here in Salt Lake.

July 3rd  Last day of Convention

Grace and Peace

Day began early with Eucharist and the PB elect Michael Curry preaching.  I was in tears at the end of his homily.  What a joy and gift to us all.  Sessions began at 10:30 to 1:15 and then from 2:15 to 6:00 when we officially ended.  I am mentally, physically, and emotionally spent.  A great experience but day after day of these sessions takes it out of you.  After we ended Karyn and I had dinner with the Singh’s and Paul Frolick.  Great Indian restaurant here in Salt Lake.  Today was beautiful wish I could have spent more time outside.  I’ll be kind and won’t mention the weather.  Only wish I could bring this weather home with us.

So for the last time till adult ed sessions whenever they schedule me, here is a bit of the day on our agenda.

Elected Treasurer of General Convention.

B022 Study of Duel Call Couples  Adopted

D075 Accountability of General Seminary to General Convention.  (Ask me more about this later)  Adopted

B013 Peacemaking through Political Action   Long debate  Adopted

C055 Church wide Day of Prayer  Adopted

A075 Christian Formation Resources  Adopted

A050 Charter for Safety  Referred

A051 Support of LGBT African Advocacy  Adopted

Many new people added to what was Holy Women, Holy Men, now to be named “A Cloud of Witnesses.”

C050 Presbyterial Confirmation    (Really interesting, more later)  Referred to CCAB

D048 Approved materials for liturgical trial use.  Especially Janet Morley “All Desires Known.”

D033 Refugee Rights in Central America. Adopted

D041 Advocacy/Prayer for Syria  Adopted

D062 Prison Conditions and areas for Advocacy  Adopted

A145  Amended Canon iv. 19.6  Will explain later

D055 Amended Canons V.I., V.2., V.3, and V.4  New rules of order

A146 Amended Canon IV,19 14 B & C  Again I’ll be happy to explain later

After lunch, the delegates re-affirmed the tithe as the standard of giving and we all pledged to tithe.

D050 Authorized “An order for celebrating the Holy Eucharist” to be used on Sunday when appropriate.

More names added to “A Cloud of Witnesses.”  Lost track of names but will be published.

D013 Budget Process  Adopted

B020  Amended Canon 1.2

D060  Process to Revise the 1982 Hymnal.  Huge Debate.  Adopted

c033 Amended Canon 111.9 which allows clergy to transfer to other parts of the Anglican Communion.

A184 Affirmed Efforts of Reconciliation  Adopted

D043 Disability Accessibility and Inclusion at all events.  I thought of Deb Anderson  Adopted

D058 Dominicans of Haitian Descent (Statelessness)  Learned a great deal about this.

Finally, countless Resolutions of Thanks.

Are you still with me??  I know a lot of information, will share a lot when I get back.  Have many thoughts on Convention, so glad I came.  We fly out tomorrow evening and arrive on Sunday.

My last official “blog”.  Hope it was a bit interesting.  I enjoyed sending it along although it was a bit hard at the end of really long days.

Love and Blessings to you all.  See you soon.


20 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Yvonne Arnold on June 24, 2015 at 9:02 am

    Happy that you have arrived safely and good coffee has been located :-))
    Have a great day Lance and Karyn!


  2. Posted by Bob Markham on June 24, 2015 at 10:34 am

    93 degrees and you sill want coffee?


  3. Posted by Jeff Taylor on June 24, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    Father Lance – have a wonderful trip and Convention in Salt Lake City. I was in Salt Lake City about 15 years ago. Certainly plenty to do there. It might seem unusual, in this context, but the ‘Mormons’ had a wonderful genealogical research center in Salt Lake City. Here’s a link – They are well known for excellent genealogical resources, and it was actually amazing to find interesting copies of personal family history documents there.


  4. Glad you found the Dunkin’ Donuts – great coffee! Will Joe make coffee Friday, or should I bring my own?


  5. Posted by jill daddis on June 25, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    I told you it wouldn’t seem that hot! It’s dry heat!! 🙂
    Glad you and Karyn arrived safely! Hello to Marlene as well!!


  6. Sounds wonderful and very interesting. Wish I was there!!Glad you all arrived safely!! Love that city. Jeff Taylor’s suggestion sounds wonderful – if you have the time. Wednesday service went fine but only 4 people. Wedding rehearsal was good – Cindy did well! Many children. Asking prayers for today’s event!


  7. Posted by Bob Markham on June 27, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    Thanks for the newsy reports. Can’t wait to hear all about Lynn Carter Edmund’s activities since leaving Good Shepherd. It seems so long ago that she was your assistant. 😄



  8. My very best wishes to Lynn Carter Edmunds and Steve Lane! How wonderful that you saw them. Mark Lattime also. More about the wedding when you return. Love to Karyn and Marleen. Am writing homily. Look for Cathy Dempsey-Sims from Good Shepherd, Buffalo.


  9. Posted by Debra on June 28, 2015 at 6:59 am

    Happy Sunday, Lance! The chapel opening day! We will be there if we have to build an ark. And we’ll miss you, Karyn, and Marlene. We will pray for your continued enlightening information about the convention, beautiful weather, and that Karyn has shared her ICED coffee with you. Love and Hugs to you, my friends.


  10. Posted by Bob Markham on June 28, 2015 at 9:26 am

    Rejoicing with you in the news of the election of the new Presiding Bishop. Will be having him in our prayers today and in the future.


  11. Posted by Richard Reid on June 28, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    Enjoying following your account. Great news on Bishop Curry’s election. Looking forward to hearing him at the Rochester Convention.


  12. Was delighted to hear the news on Bishop Curry’s election. We held him in prayer this morning. Received clips from Cathy Dempsey-Sims in Buffalo – they are ecstatic there. About 35 people at the chapel, maybe more. About the same at Good Shepherd. Love to you, Karyn and Marlene. I understand Patti, secretary at St. Mark’s and St. John’s is going out to help Kristy with hospitality.


  13. Posted by Jill on June 29, 2015 at 3:19 pm

    Thank you for the ongoing detailed reports! You must be exhausted but it sounds like a fabulous event!!
    Love to you, Karyn, & Marlene!!!

    PS- you are welcome to stop with the glowing weather reports each day…..I think I’m going to start building an arc this week!! 😉


  14. Hold onto your notes – I will give you at least 2-3 weeks at Adult Ed to go over these actions with us, especially: A023, A037, A046, A059, C048, D003. WOW is correct!!


  15. Posted by Yvonne Arnold on July 1, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Hi Lance, Karyn and Marlene,

    Have been thinking of all of you each time I read and get caught up on your time at convention. It sounds so exciting and interesting. I love the photos that have been posted on FB especially in the park last Friday evening and the march on Sunday. How about the group shot of the women bishops….so cool!

    We returned from Houston yesterday where temps were in the 90s and humidity is a constant presence….summer lives there!

    hugs to each of you!



  16. It is great that you are hearing old music in new ways. I can’t wait till you share what you are learning. Things are going great here. The mice are not at play.


  17. Posted by Yvonne Arnold on July 2, 2015 at 9:21 am

    Love the photo of Karyn in front of the fountain and of you and Prince!

    Keeping you in our prayers,

    Yvonne and Jeff


  18. Posted by Yvonne Arnold on July 4, 2015 at 9:07 am

    Safe travels Lance, Karyn and Marlene! See you soon!
    Yvonne and Jeff


  19. So happy you are returning home! God be with you and all after such a busy convention! Am writing tomorrow’s homily. 8 people at Wednesday’s service. Had a call from Devon who asked if I would do “backup” while she is on vacation – started Thursday. No one in hospital in Fairport; she anticipates it will be a quiet. She didn’t say who is doing the service but she didn’t ask me so maybe it will be the Bishop when he gets back. I am so delighted with all the communication we received from this convention. Thank you!! God Bless you all!


  20. Posted by Bob Markham on July 4, 2015 at 10:32 am

    Praying for safe travel for all. Hope you will be able to have a little down time after the marathon. See you soon.


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