Journal of the 2015 General Convention

Here is the Journal of the 2015 General Convention in its entirety:


General Convention 2018 Schedule

GC2018-logoThe Draft Schedule for the General Convention is here:

2018 Preliminary Budget Released

The Preliminary Budget for the 2019-2021 Triennium has been released.

[November 13, 2017] Episcopalians across the church are invited to review and provide input and comments on the preliminary draft of the 2019-2021 triennium budget.

“In the current and prior triennia, the budgets were built to reflect the Five Marks of Mission,” Tess Judge, Executive Council member and chair of Finance for Mission Committee, stated in the overview letter.  “The 2019-2021 budget is based on The Jesus Movement with Evangelism, Racial Reconciliation & Justice, and Environmental Stewardship as priorities.”

Judge added, “One of the advantages of The Jesus Movement budget is that it reflects how the staff is organized, by department, rather than spread across Five Marks and other areas as in the past. So lines of communication, reporting, collaboration, and budget creation are clearer.  In the changeover to The Jesus Movement, some sections of the budget were moved, so that it may be hard to make direct comparisons between costs in areas in prior budgets to projected costs in the coming triennium. And comparing percentages can be inaccurate.”

Following comments and suggestions, the preliminary draft budget will be prepared for approval by the Episcopal Church Executive Council at its January 2018 meeting. From there, Executive Council will present the draft budget to Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget, and Finance (PB&F) in February, which will then prepare a final budget for approval at General Convention next summer.


Deputies and Provisional Deputies 2018

The General Convention  will be held in Austin, Texas, July 5-13, 2018.  Our Deputies for the House of Deputies as they were elected are, in order:

Clerical : House of Deputies

The Reverend Paul Frolich

The Reverend Canon C. Denise Yarbrough

The Very Reverend Dahn Gandell

The Reverend Christopher Streeter

Lay: House of Deputies

Keisha Stokes

Sarah Peters

Joshua Barrett

Paula Valeri

Our Provisional Deputies (aka Alternate Deputies), in order, are:

Clerical: House of Deputies

The Reverend Robert Picken

The Reverend Billy Daniel

The Reverend Michael Hartney

The Reverend Virginia Tyler Smith

Lay: House of Deputies

Susan B. Hartney

Gwen Van Laeken

Carolyn Mok

Julie Syracuse

Bishops: House of Bishops

Bishop Prince Singh – VII Bishop of Rochester

Bishop Jack McKelvey – VI Bishop of Rochester (retired)

Bishop William Burrill – V Bishop of Rochester (retired)